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Экстрим-Марафон 2003: "Qu-Qu International" 25.10.2005 Печать
Автор Редакция   
  • Аня Ясинская
  • Павел Слюсар
  • Юрий Черевко
  • Michael Homer


Из письма Майкла:

"... You can try to imagine how much I enjoyed race! Fantastic! It was quite different than I imagined and better even than I thought it would be. I am honoured to have been invited to be in your team and to have unforgettable experience with you and Pasha and Anya. ... Not only our team but all teams and friends in organising this event are most impressive collective of people and friends. It is excellent to find so much energy and interest in people of many ages together to do these strange things! ..."

The Dream

In Jhitomir, no sun its rain clouds drying,
Sand in our shirts, we biked and climbed without
Clear light or directions known for sure at times.
And hour by hour the carbohydrate drink running out.

By head-torch blinked orange eyes from trees, to guide hearts
And legs wearied by hours and miles of mud.
Up stately pine kept tall against the sky by tempest and storm,
And on to swing by ropes on paths held more for birds than bikes.

Until stretched in the forest we lay, and darkly round us
The dripping trees hung motionless ... Upon
Their branches the sun poured full; it's bright rays found us
And warmed us too - but we slept soundly on, and on!

I dreamt about dry socks and a merry
And glittering feast where all was salo s chesnokom and wine.
And shared warmth of bodies might change by hours of night,
And day, to fire. And if by chance to waking feast in lakeside palace.

But there were two who sat there pensive, buried
In thought remote, with map and compass: alone they waxed not lost.
By shortcut paths their youthful souls were carried.
Where, only Judges knew, to 1kg food parcels far, far away.

It was Jhitomir's bright valley that they did dream of -
Gentle stream and foods we may have known of old. Alas!
A red wound of boiling soup in his side gaped and stream of
Curses from him cleared the quiet vale.

But on, with spirits cheered by friends well met in mixed dusk
And forest gloom. Thence to fly fast by paths held open for us now by day.
And more, to TV cameras, clean T-shirts (XXL) and strange microphones
To answer tiredly - but with certainty now, I know; "For fun!"

(with some kind help from M. Lermontov)


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